World of Arvandie
(I'll work on making a digital map when I get the time, to replace this)

4 Moons of Arvandie

Orphadacaniticulason - (The Orphan)
 - Has the coloring of brass
 - Appeared in the skies a few millennia ago
 - Smallest of the moons but appears the largest being a lot closer than the others
 -Rumored that it is actually a gnomish construct, the rumors supported mainly by the gnomes - probably some heritage pride or some such
 - at certain times Orphan will seem to "sparkle" (this being the best description at what seems to be happening)

-YR 1582 Spider – Some type of explosion happens on Orphan causing severe damage to the the land a week afterward Orphan now resembles a flaming eye.  This causes a multiple religious activities through most of Arvandie.

Galiphar - Principal Moon of Arvandie
 -Appears white in color
 -Appears half the size of Orphan
 -Associated mostly with "good" since its full moon  brings light just a shade darker the twilight during those nights

Deytian - The Blue Moon
- Appears 1/3 size of Orphan
 -Most scholars seem to think that its an "aquatic" moon

Blafarn - The Dark Moon
 -Only seen clearly those possessing "darkvision"
 - Appears 1/4 size of Orphan
 - Associated mostly with "evil" rituals and such

The Calendar And Time-line for Arkdian

    The current calendar was created by the elf Dreylin (who was rather bored at the time). There are 360 days to a year. 8 months per year.  5 weeks of 9 days per month. 2 months per season.  The months correspond to Galipar’s cycle.  Start of spring is the start of the New Year.  Months are as follows Renewberan, Groberan, Pleasberan, Hothberan, Chanberan, Blustberan, Coldberan and Rememberan Week days are Gali, Moon, Kern, Fluin, Midlin, Deyt, Blaf, Starn, & Sun. (It always seemed to me that maybe Dreylin was having some intestinal problems that day and his scribes misheard the belly rumblings as actual words and Dreylin was too embarrassed to correct them.  But these are just mild musings).   The numeral year is on a twenty-year cycle.  In the following order: Elf, Eagle, Dragon, Bear, Rat, Griffon, Chimera, Horse, Dolphin, Goblin, Snake, Hawk, Bull, Ape (you now know it as Human), Shark, Orc, Spider, Mantas, Monkey and Gnome.   This replaces the simpler way of just counting 36 weeks of 10 days. (Never said it was an improvement just that Dreylin was bored)

 Now the General Time-line for Arkdian

YR 1 Elf - Dreylin was bored and started a calendar

YR 1 Chimera – Calendar finally set at 20-year cycle

YR 512 Dragon – Humanoids rebellion against the dragon overlords

YR 520 Eagle – Dragons grant independence and most retire from view

YR 521 Bear – Dwarves and goblins explode into mutual genocide war

YR 653 Elf – Near extinction on both sides, Dwarves and Golbins seek Dragon mediation.   It results in a curse on all their descendants.  No descendant from those clans/tribes can fight each other without becoming violently ill.

YR 811 Rat – Humans migrated to Arkdian en masse.  Loud complaints from the rest of the denizens about the neighborhood going someplace are heard throughout the realm.

YR 812 Ape – Through an intentional misunderstanding YR Ape becomes YR Human

YR 1020 Hawk – The 5 Cousins set to conquer the land.

YR 1022 Eagle – The land is unified under the rule of the 5 Cousins and their descendants

YR 1347 Gnome – The Orphan appears in the skies

YR 1518 Dragon to Rat – The First invasion from Kerikon

YR 1523 Hawk to Human – The Second Kerikon invasion

YR 1523 Mantas – The Academies appear throughout the realm and attendance is recommended to all.

YR 1540 Dragon – Third Kerikon invasion and the Academies prove their worth.

YR 1542 Dolphin – Attendance to the Academies becomes mandatory.

YR 1545 Elf – Forth Kerikon invasion

YR 1559 Bear – Political upheaval and assassinations destroy the royal lineage and the realm shatters into hundreds of kingdoms

YR 1560 Elf – Fifth Kerikon invasion succeeds in establishing a foothold and start of colonization

YR 1560 Gnome – War of Re-unification begins

YR 1565 Bull – Reunification happens and the push to repel the Kerikon invaders begins in earnest

YR 1567 Orc – A blast rocks the continent.  Rumors fly that it was a dwarven construct that created it, resulting in the Blasted Lands.  The Kerikon forces surrender.  Most of the Dwarven strongholds suffer from a major catastrophe of some sort.

YR 1582 Spider – Some type of explosion happens on Orphan causing severe damage to the the land a week afterward Orphan now resembles a flaming eye.  This causes a multiple religious activities through most of Arvandie.


Caneskull the Sport of Arkdian

The game its played by humanoids across the land (though halflings and gnomes teams tend to just play each other).  Eladrin and elves matches resemble graceful dancing while orcs, minotuars and goblins tend to be rather bloody. Death in matches is rare but not unheard of.  The teams consist of 5 players in the field.  Communities and tribes tend to have reserve players while traveling teams just have the 5 plus a coach/manager.  The team positions  are the Quick, Protector, and Melee.   The Quick is the only allowable scorer.  They tend to wear light armor  The Protector guards the scoring spike and protects the Quick.    They wield sweeps (mostly comprised of chain) and tend to wear medium armor.  The Melee players are the powerhouses of the team.  The three players goals are to clear a path for the quick, while trying to take out the opposing Quick and other players.  They wield the hookbunt and tend to wear heavier armor (some have been known to wear partial plate)

The game is fairly simple. The Quick tries to put the gameskull (the skull tends to be canine but lizard, kobold, gnoll have been known to be used)  on the scoring spike within the time limit of 100 stones.   Once the the skull is on a spike the game is over.  If there is no score in the first 100 stones there is a typical 10 minute break for players to catch there breath, bandage/heal themselves and discus strategy.  Up to 3 rounds would be played before calling it a draw if neither Quick scores.  

The Caneskull Guild  monitors the "Professional" teams, updates anti-magic rituals (there are always some who try to cheat)  and arrange the Tourney Year.  The "Professional" teams are mostly in larger towns and cities.  The exceptions are the teams that do so well, they earn enough to support the cost of Guild dues and traveling.  These teams are also required to beat 3 different Guild teams to join.  Once in, all they have to do is maintain their Guild standing (aka pay their dues)

Every Fifth year is Tourney year (which is approaching real soon)  During Tourney Year any team can participate as long as they have their entree fees.  Though the finals are mostly matches between Guild teams.  ( the best way for me to describe a guild team vs a non-guild team match, is that it would resemble a professional football team playing against an high school team.  Any high-schooler left standing after the first play is either an exceptional player or just damn lucky.)

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